“I spend more time designing menus than doing anything else.”
-Barbara McKnight

CULINAIRE is, quite simply, “The Foodie Caterer”.

We relish the opportunity to speak directly to the host in order to collect as much background information as possible regarding preferences, emotional meaning, time of day, format, guest demographics, etc.

Chef Barbara McKnight draws influences both from her classical background, and from every other source imaginable in order to maintain a fresh flow of new ideas. She regularly patronizes restaurants of top local chefs to remain abreast of current local trends.  She also attends national conferences in New York and Las Vegas to absorb the influence of brilliant innovators.

However, it goes even further than that—the perfect menu must also be one which can be executed under sometimes very challenging circumstances. It must appear as if by magic, often from a limited space with limited equipment. Catering requires not only extreme creativity, but also the highest command of logistics in the hospitality industry.